A Year In Review - Through the Eyes of Minneapolis’s Top Instagrammers

2015 was Minneapolis’s first year as part of the global Citinerary team and we are so proud to have been able to share our city with all of you!

Published by Rita on 02/01/2016

At the top of our list of Minneapolis’s finest assets are its creative inhabitants. So what better way to close out the year than to highlight some of our most-talented Instagrammers. Ones who make us proud of this place we call home with their keen eyes for style, stunning depictions of culture, and jaw-droppingly beautiful and unique images.

There are so many to choose from that we created several (completely random and arbitrary) categories and our team helped make the selections. Enjoy!

The Top Five Minneapolis Instagrammers Who…

…Showcase our awesome food/coffee/cocktail scene

1. @anideallength 

2. @easyandoskey 

3. @tomhorgen 

4. @eliesajohnson 

5. @caitabrams 


…Give us a behind-the-scenes look at their work as creatives:

1. @ariwoeste 

2. @brockdavis 

3. @dschwen 

4. @kevin_horn 

5. @grantspanier 


…Are professional photographers who bring their “A” game to their Instagram accounts

1. @jeffersonwheeler 

2. @canarygrey 

3. @ericmueller 

4. @brandonwerth 

5. @athenapelton 


…Make us want to explore the city at night

1. @logan_b_wright 

2. @rreluxx 

3. @edelstein 

4. @clint_jee_ 

5. @jeffschadimagery 


…Make us want to explore the city’s natural beauty

1. @paul_johnstone 

2. @thegoodwithin 

3. @maryjohoffman 

4. @jeffcs 

5. @papalando 

Happy 2016 dear readers and we hope you enjoyed reading the lists! And don't forget: #acitymadebypeople


- Rita -


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