Orange madness at Biergarten

Orange madness we call it. A crazy virus that defies all differences by sharing the same dream of winning the World Cup. Like in any other country we love to come together in Rotterdam and support our team. It creates an amazing spirit of solidarity and a positive vibe of madness. Right before a game starts, you can feel the excitement and chaos in the air. Everywhere you look you see orange cannonballs running through the streets, whistling, waving and cheering to strangers. Cars are honking, cyclists instantly forget all the basic traffic rules and pedestrians are crossing everywhere, anytime.

Published by Guest on 20/06/2014

Biergarten Rotterdam is my favourite spot for celebrating the weekend. Every Friday all offices run empty around 4pm to grab an ice cold one in the sun. Biergarten is right next to Rotterdam Central Station. Every summer the random parkinglot behind Schieblock (creative offices) and Hollywood (teen club) gets turned into a big, smokey BBQ blowout with have wooden furniture, beertables, XL beerglasses and a huge stairway that offers the best sunny spots.  Local DJ’s playing some summer tunes to ease your mind and the long workweek is soon to be forgotten. This year Biergarten is also one of the best spots to watch the games this year. And what’s not to like: big BBQ blowout, 2 huge screens, lots of liquid gold and 3000 of your closest friends. - Cathalijne - IMG_0179IMG_0159IMG_0170IMG_0165IMG_0158IMG_0178IMG_0167IMG_0171IMG_0153

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