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‘Vitello tonnato,’ ‘insalata russa,’ and anchovies in green sauce… Different regions have different cuisines and Valentina, loves to eat local Piedmontese! As the ‘foodie’ of the group, she’ll be sharing authentic dishes with us from a culture much-loved, Turin! Enjoy!

Published by Valentina on 24/01/2018

When we talk about food we also talk about culture, and there’s no country out there without a gastronomic tradition. Food means pleasure and conviviality, and I believe that knowing a person’s culinary habits are essential in getting to know who they are. When I’m preparing for a trip, I spend a lot of time planning and deciding where I’ll be eating. Aside from mapping out artistic attractions, the culinary lifestyle is what I chose to be the majority of my experience.

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My signature as a person is certainly creativity. I'm fascinated easily and I love trying dishes that have an ‘extra touch.’ What comes outside the lines excite me. I also love super classic dishes revisited in their shape and structure, keeping their history and substance untouched.

Piedmont has multi-faceted cooking and is the result of many other regional derivations, which is why it has so many unique flavours. However the question still remains, where can we go to better enjoy the traditional food of Turin?

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You’ll find a typical, Piedmontese atmosphere in Sorij Nouveau, an original ‘Piedmontese Piola’ with an informal and cozy style. Here you can taste the ‘vitello tonnato,’ a sliced steamed veal taken from its back leg called the Eye Round. It’s served with tuna sauce, boiled eggs, and capers. It’s with this dish that Sorij got famous, winning the ‘Vitello Tonnato Challenge’ with their secret recipe sauce. I can’t tell you its exact ingredients, but I can tell you it's lovely!

You can also taste a ‘deconstructed insalata russa’ with warm mashed potatoes, boiled sourish vegetables, mayonnaise foam, green sauce, tuna, and a slice of crunchy salame. Its simplicity will surprise you! And for dessert? A classical ‘peaches and amaretto’ re-interpretation: peach sorbet on amaretto crumble, and chocolate mousse. All accompanied by amazing wines, specifically from the Piedmontese wine grape variety.

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If you're looking for a fancier and more contemporary place but still offering traditional Piedmontese cuisine, I say Sakaposh

It’s here where I tasted for the first time in my life, chitlins! And you know what they say, ‘you never forget your first!’ Especially when it’s cooked with Carpano Vermouth, kale, and crispy chips. It rocks!

And also ‘cotechino on pumpkin cream with amaretto and mustard’ or ‘chicken leg on pumpkin cream with broccoli’ - the victory of Piedmontese hand-made cooking with a little hint of something ‘extra.’

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The third option is not just a restaurant. It’s Da Varsa – La Capanna dei nonni.

Here since 2011, family recipes have been passed down for generations, served with a personal touch of the chef. From starters to desserts, each dish looks like a work of art you can taste. You can enjoy your meal on an table or... why not, inside the caravan parked in the restaurant and feel immediately the camping vibes! 

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Words by Valentina Brancaleon
Photos by Valentina Brancaleon, Fabio Rovere, and Gianluca Bia

What a unique list of dishes you can find on Le strade di Torino, sembra gustoso! You can find more stories from our city's passionate foodies here, via our print journal:

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