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Skiing, snowboarding, paragliding, mountain biking, you can even learn how to ride a horse! What else can you do in the mountains of Sopot?

Published by Guest on 19/02/2018

Sopot, the small summer resort squeezed in between Gdynia and Gdańsk. Although its tiny, the city is the most popular destination among people looking for a great party or summer holiday. By featuring over 300 clubs, cafes and restaurants, there is definitely a lot to choose from. But what if none of that ‘floats your boat’?

You’d be surprised by what else Sopot has to offer – I’m sure many people living here would be surprised. Below are a few interesting, yet not well known places worth a visit:

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Łysa Góra

The name translates directly to ‘Bold Mountain’ and a mountain it is not, it’s more of a hill rising 110 metres above sea level. The ‘bold’ part is true, though. Łysa Góra is a patch of land at an angle that is free of trees. A 286 metre ski lift was built and now it has become a ski resort. In fact, it is the only slope in Tricity and the only slope in Poland that offers a view of the sea. At the base of the hill, you’ll find a restaurant as well as a ski rental and a tiny hotel. 

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Ski Jump

It seems that winter sports used to be popular among citizens of Sopot. Maybe skiing down a pre-prepared slope isn’t for you. Well, Sopot has got you covered. Just a three minute walk from Łysa Góra’s top will reveal what’s left of an old ski jump. It isn’t visible right away, you really have to pay attention to notice the sudden lack of trees and a very steep runway. Once you climb to the starting point, you are able to see the launching pad as well as the landing area. Sure, it is nothing compared to the ski jump in Zakopane, but it is still impressive, precisely because nobody really knows about it. Though it isn’t used for ski jumping anymore, it is being used for another sport…

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Smolna Bikepark

Mountain biking is a sport mostly done, like the name suggests, in the mountains. But sometimes you have to make use of what you’ve got. What Sopot and the rest of Tricity has plenty of are the hills. They aren’t very tall, but they are mostly very steep. One hill became a full on bikepark, complete with jumps, a pump track and a downhill course. Maintained and developed by the locals, it really is a hidden gem. During the summer, this place is sprawling with life. There are contests, competitions, get togethers and most importantly: people doing what they enjoy. Youngsters and adults sharing their passion, talking about bikes, exchanging tips, showing off new learned tricks – just having a seriously great time. 

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Sled track

To complete the winter sports experience, there is the old sled track. Just like the ski jump, it is no longer in use and forgotten, but the shape of the track is still visible. Opened in 1908 it was just shy of 500 metres in length, featuring walls aiding in taking turns at high speeds. Competitions were held with spectators gathering along the sides.

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Words & Images courtesy of Alexander Zweifel

The sun, sea, and sand, all in Sopot, thank you Alexander for guiding us through these unique insights! If you're keen on reading more of the culture in our cities, take a look at Issue 1 & 2 of our print journal. 

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