Spuistraat Saves Art

An art massacre has taken place over the past year; many cultural organizations are still struggling to survive. Why? Heavy budget cuts of the government have taken the Dutch art and cultural sector under siege.

Published by Mio on 07/11/2013

But the fact that subsidies are being revoked doesn’t mean the art sector is entirely being petered out. Art organizations have to find more innovative ways with the limited amount of resources to attract an audience it normally wouldn’t.

Gespuis’ in the Spuistraat is one of those foundations that popped up this year to function as a creative hub to support organizations that facilitate socially, politically and culturally activities for (youth) members. The organizations that participate and their activities vary from having debate nights to making art productions.


The Spuistraat, which is located in the heart of Amsterdam, is full of raw and beautiful art for everyone to enjoy. Last weekend a tribute to this street had taken place.  The Gespuis festival, was initiated by LFTDFLD and Faketory, and took place at more than 30 locations in the Spuistraat. It was three days of art, live bands, live paintings, photography, street-art, poetry slam and DJ’s.






The Spuistraat is a street where hookers, artists, squatters and students live together. It’s a canvas for well-respected street artists such as, IvesOne, BustArt, Malakkai, KSL. The notorious squatters house ‘de Slang’ aka the Snakehouse has been squatted since 1983.
The residents have been working to try and get a legal status and recognition of the need for living and working space for artists under one roof. Would you like to know how to support them? Go to: http://www.deslang.nl/eng/home.html

If you have art from the Spuistraat you would like to share, we would love to see it! Spuistraat saves art!



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