Surfing the city

Urban river surfing is gaining in popularity. Many others like Switzerland, Norway, Germany and even China, have embraced the phenomenon. And The Netherlands is taking on the hype by creating ‘the perfect wave’ in Rotterdam. Welcome to the surreal world of urban surfing, where daredevils ride inner-city waves.

Published by Guest on 06/08/2014

To switch your business-suit for a wet-suit during a lunch break does not sound like a logical thing to do in the beach-less city center of Rotterdam. The Rif010 initiative. But a wave of change has hit the city, in the form of Rif010. The urban initiative has recently won a contest funded by the City of Rotterdam, which was used as an instrument to leverage public initiatives to encourage the revitalisation of the city. Rif010 is set to create an artificial wave right in the middle of the city’s shopping center. CT_citysurfing A 1,5 meter wave. A local canal called Steigersgracht will be shut off from the rest of the river Rotte, to which the city thanks its name. In 2015 all kinds of water sports can be practiced in naturally purified water and a 1.5 meter high ‘barrel’ wave, good for 14 seconds of surfing, supping, kayaking or body boarding. Here some video's (in Dutch) that explain the process: