The Future of Mobility through the Sun - Amsterdam Meets the Sion

The future of mobility is here. Join us as we were asked by Sono Motors to test-drive the world’s first electric car capable of recharging its batteries from the sun. Let's give a warm welcome to.. the Sion!

Published by Sarah on 09/10/2017

‘Wanna test-drive a car on Wednesday?' HECK YEAH I wanna test-drive a car on Wednesday! Here at A City Made By People, we're always up for testing innovative ideas that shape the future of our cities. And by no means is this a sponsored post. We just wanted to share this exciting and new experience with you. 

For two months, the Sono Motors Team is touring through 12 cities in Europe to let as many citizens possible test-drive the Sion. Fortunately for us, they stopped by in Amsterdam for four days.

The Sion, A Crowdfunded Innovation

We were invited by Sono Motors to see what the Sion was all about. As a Munich based start-up, their electric and solar-powered car was born of a €540,000 crowdfunding campaign last year. Its success was devoted to producing the Sion prototypes, which includes integrated solar cells in the body, a range of 250km, and a price of less than €16,000 (battery excluded).

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“…with Sono Motors, their biggest aim is to protect the environment and the Sion highly reflects that.”

Sustainable Mobility As The Future

The innovative solutions behind the Sion takes a leading role in the field of sustainable mobility. Using the self-charging function called viSono, 330 integrated solar cells generate electricity that feeds in to the battery. Under the right circumstances, a single day of charging is enough solar to produce 30km of range (and that’s just from the sun!).

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With A City Made By People penciled in, we were all set to experience the Sion in action. As a big-city ..okay no, huge-city girl who grew up in Jakarta, pollution was no stranger to me. I’ve never step foot in an electric car before or ever heard its silent hum, so the opportunity intrigued me. I mean, imagine a city filled with self-charging electric cars. That’s infinite, sustainable driving by using a renewable energy source. You’re welcome Mother Earth!

All jokes aside, the main point here is that with Sono Motors, their biggest aim is to protect the environment and the Sion highly reflects that.

Experiencing the Sion in Action

My first impression is that you definitely know its an electric car, due to its black on white exterior. Sono Motors also produces an entirely black version of the Sion, for those who would prefer that combination better. The exterior as a whole is mainly made up of rust-proof polycarbonate. The best part? It’s also shatterproof and resistant to scratches. 

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When entering the car, the first thing you’ll notice is the breSono air filter system. I had to do a little research here but in short, Sono Motors found a way to integrate a special moss into the dashboard and centre console of its interior. The moss serves as a natural air filter via electromagnetic attraction and it can filter up to 20% of fine dust particles from the air. Needing no special care whatsoever, it adds a unique touch to this particular electric car.

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Interior & Exterior Images are courtesy of Sono Motors

What I liked most about the Sion is that its designed to be a lightweight city car, being a friendly vehicle to families with a total of five seats. Additionally with the 250km of range, its definitely sufficient enough for the average city commuter.

All in all, the most attractive aspect I see in the Sion is that you wouldn't be contributing to your city's pollution. As 61% of the world's existing oil is burned solely for transportation purposes, I can definitely see that as a plus. With over 2,200 pre-orders to date, the Sion is expected to run its deliveries by 2019.

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Words by Sarah Picolet

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