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Living with an Australian girlfriend, one of the things we really miss in Rotterdam (or the Netherlands for that matter) is a breakfast culture. Bertmans, one of the new cool kids in town, is that kind of place that ticks every box.

Published by Wouter on 13/05/2015

The Dutch love to go out for lunch and dinner, they love their borrels (afternoon drinks), but meeting up with friends and family for breakfast has never been a big thing over here. The average Dutchie just loves his bread with cheese, jam and/or chocolate in any form, accompanied with some yoghurt, tea or coffee. Because: ‘In a couple of hours I’ll be having lunch anyway’.

Taking up the Breakfast initiative

Of course there are exceptions, and luckily the last few years there are more places where you (for Dutch standards) can choose from a range of breakfast dishes. Not only is breakfast becoming more popular, but more often people like to go out and enjoy good food. And that’s where Bertmans excels in.

As they say it themselves, the founders of Bertmans were inspired by the international breakfast culture and they would love to see the people of Rotterdam pick that up. You step into a nice and clean interior complete with bricks, industrial lamps, succulents and big jars with pickles. Nothing new thus far, until you see the menu.

What's on the menu?

99% of the menu consists out of vegetarian dishes and I, carnivore as I am, didn’t miss the meat at all. They also got a little bit on the gluten free/vegan/superfood bandwagon, but not disturbing at all. I was very pleased with two poached eggs, avocado and a ginger-spring onion dressing on spelt toast, whilst the Aussie was very happy to finally see (gluten free) banana bread on a Dutch menu. Buckwheat pancakes, quinoa salad, spelt French toast, coconut yoghurt with chia seeds are a few things on the breakfast menu.

For lunch Bertmans also likes to ‘surprise you’ as they like to say, with a chickpea salad, okonomiyaki (tip!) and a roasted Portobello with caramelized onions and beetroots. The only ‘real’ meat that can be found on the lunch menu is roasted duck breast with sweet potato and a peanut dressing. Great food, great flavors, great atmosphere. Just go there and see for yourself. If the weather’s nice, you can sit outside in the sun on the terrace at the water with an organic beer,  glass of wine and a snack.

The neighborhood in transition

Rotterdam Noord (North) is one of the hip, creative areas to be these days. Once dodgy and rundown, now booming and lively; different parts of Rotterdam have seen a lot of these transitions the past years. It’s definitely worth a visit, and with lots of cool and independent shops around the corner, Bertmans knows where it’s at.

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