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Music and art have always been closely connected. Just grab one of your favourite records and check out the album cover. In a special Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) exhibition the album cover gets uncovered and a visual story is being told.

Published by Nicole on 18/10/2014

For those who are not familiar with ADE; it is Amsterdam’s hottest dance music happening that attracts thousands of music lovers and industry people from around the world.

At night there are club nights and as soon as the daytime hours are lurking around the corner, ADE Playground comes alive. The exhibition ‘Uncovered: The Art of the Album Cover’ at Mini Galerie is part of ADE Playground.

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The Gallery
Mini Galerie, a new Amsterdam gallery, originally started in 2011 as a living room gallery. Once or twice a year exhibitions took place in an apartment, where Julia van der Meer of Mini Galerie also lived.

“With Mini Galerie I want to take street art out of its discipline.”

When opening a new space at Kinkerstraat last May, the idea of organising an album cover exhibition was already there. Julia contacted ADE about her plan and idea, and she got a green light from the organisation. Julia: “The artists for the exhibition are closely connected to the gallery and have exhibited before in the past. They are also creating album covers for record labels.”

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Art meets Music
Mini Galerie brings together art and music. Thirteen album covers and their original analog artworks are exhibited. What you might not always realise is that an album cover is a true artwork created by an artist.

Julia says that a requirement was that all artworks had to be made analogously. So: the artist creates a non-digital artwork before it becomes the cover of an album. It is quite amazing when you look at the wall with the album covers and compare it with the original analog artwork.

CT_Amsterdam_Uncovered (11)

CT_Amsterdam_Uncovered (10)

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Most artists that are exhibiting have a background in graffiti and street art. They are now all working together with record labels. Amsterdam based Graphic Surgery, for example, created album covers for Delsin Records. ‘Uncovered’ is a good example that shows how graffiti/street art can evolve.

“With Mini Galerie I want to take street art out of its discipline,” Julia explains. “I am also aiming to get a younger audience into galleries, and to make it more accessible.” ADE is therefore a perfect event for Mini Galerie. Not only does it attract youngsters, but also people who have never visited a gallery before.

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Don’t worry if you are not in town when ADE is on, the exhibition is up and running until 8th November. You still have plenty of time to give Mini Galerie a visit. I am sure you will look at an album cover with a different view from now on.


- Nicole -

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