The Beginning of Autumn - Lost&Found Vintage Market

Marta takes us to the Lost & Found Market, as perfect way to spend an Autumn day in Madrid.

Published by Marta on 16/10/2015

When autumn arrives here in Madrid we don’t really believe it. Trying to decide if the fall breeze is just an illusion or whether it will actually came to stay, we have a hard time choosing shorts or jackets, if staying at a terrace at night will be too risky or if eating ice cream is already too much.

Anyway, we found the solution for this tricky season that messes with our decisions. We found the plan. And it was actually not that lost, because everybody was talking about it; but we found it, and we enjoyed it. Lost & Found Market, the vintage second hand market that gave the capital a way out to scape the clouds for a weekend at Conde Duque.

Everything seems to be vintage these days, but we have to admit we love it. The clouds were warning us for some rain, but the temperature was perfect, and inside that old barrack there was a microclimate built for the music and ancient stuff of all kinds.

From some old pilot glasses to all kinds of shoes and old vinyl records, the stands welcomed the visitors on Saturday and Sunday. And the space was just perfect for the occasion.

The space

Getting a little bit into historical context, the Conde Duque Cultural Space was born in 1717, built as a large building for Royal Guards Corps Barracks, the military elite corps guarding the Kings. The building has been through a lot during the years, even surviving a devastating fire that changed its history, and now it serves to multiple purposes, all related with culture.

An example of how old cities like Madrid are reinventing themselves and living the present through the lenses of its culture. Welcoming the new with its history. Being in tune with that sense of second hand state of mind.

Looking for treasures

I think we all have the feeling that buying second hand is good not just because it’s usually cheaper, but because it’s unique. And here you could be happy to enjoy finding those two requirements perfectly. The best thing about this vintage market is that everybody was able to sell what they considered of no use anymore, and give them a second life.

Actual and physical second hand stores went there with a more informal look, but also average people who wanted to sell their mom’s old jacket reserved easily a spot and became professional sellers for a couple of days. And while trying to find the best bargain, it was just amazing to walk inside that old patio while a DJ played the best 80’s hits, enjoying a beer and trying to find some treasures.

And of course, there had to be food trucks accompanying the beer break. A little selection of the coolest bars or restaurants in town came to Conde Duque’s patio with their trucks to make everybody stay until the sun went down.

Going home with something new

Why do we love old stuff, we don’t know. Back to basics they call it. This current trend that embraces both modernity to the fullest but also the eldest seems to make a good fit. And if it means going out and having an excuse to meet, socialize, get closer to the people, and go home with something “new”, we will adore it.

And now that’s it’s clear how much we love street markets, no matter what they sell, we don’t care that much if autumn means a lot of these. If we have to change our closet we will be pleased to look for the perfect vintage coat to face the winter, right?

Thanks to Manuel for the great imagery!


- Marta -

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