The Islet of Thieves

Tjuvholmen - directly translated to The Islet of Thieves is the newest neighbourhood in Oslo. It's also called the Gallery District because of all (you guessed it) art, museums and galleries. So if you are into art, innovative architecture and swimming in the middle of the city - then this is the neighbourhood for you.

Published by Bianca on 17/07/2014

First of all, Tjuvholmen is not just for a certain kind of people, it's for everyone. Yes, there are some very pricy restaurants here, but there is also art and architectural grandness and fun on the beach.

'And if you actually are in the mood for some fine dining you can't go wrong, really, just walk into a place and sit down. You can read about all the restaurants here.' The area is literally in the fjord and in immediate contact to the city centre of Oslo.

Tjuholmen logo foto

Take a tour of Nordic architecture

Tjuvholmen consists of three islets. Two thirds of the area is for dwellings and the remaining third for commercial use. Tjuvholmen is not rebuilt from anything else; it's a whole new part of the town. Countless architects have been involved to form this expressive, yet cohesive neighbourhood.

Tjuvholmen 6 Tjuvholmen 2 Tjuvholmen 2.2

Even as a local I just like to come here and just walk among the buildings. Bring a camera and you will discover new angels, shapes and colors everywhere.

tjuvholmen 1.1 bridge Tjuvholmen 7

Astrup Fearnley Museet

You don't even have to enter Astrup Fearnley to enjoy the museum, this architectural masterpiece is eye-catching and exciting from every angel (yes I'm talking about a building). Buy a Gelato or fro-yo before you pass the bridge and take a minute on a bench and just relax. If you want to tour the museum, that is also highly recommended, just remember to bring you mobile-phone because almost all information about the art is online.

Astrup Fearnley

Tjuvholmen Beach

With the Astrup Fearnley-museum behind it and as a part of the Sculpture Park in Tjuvholmen you will find this pebbled beach and floating docks. It’s a lot of families there in the daytime, but when the sun starts to settle that changes. Many people meet here after work and change from suit to shorts and bikini to relax and take a dip in the Oslo Fjord. (It also says something about what a green neighbourhood this is when you can allow your children to swim next to it.)

Tjuvholmen 10 Tjuvholmen 9 bathing diving tjuvholmen beach sculptures

The Sculpture Park

The sculpture park features a collection of nine sculptures from some of the world's leading contemporary artists. Among those are MOONRISE. east. November by the Swiss artist Ugo Rondinone, it's from a series of 12 sculptures shaped like faces. They all have individual titles and at Tjuvhomen you can enjoy the strangeness that is November. Rondinone has described the series as a tribute to the moon as a mystical phenomenon. Oh, and that tower in the background that's The Sneak Peak, a glass elevator with a 360 view.

tjuvholmen 3 eyes louise bourgeois Eyes by Louise Bourgeois. 1997. Black granite.

Gallery District

There are also a lot of galleries on Tjuvholmen, among others - one of Norway's most important artist; Pushwagner, artist name for Terje Brofos. You can read about all the galleries at Tjuvholmen here.

pushwagner front Pushwagner

Signs of Tjuvholmen

Hope to see you here soon. 

- Bianca - 

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