The little things in life

The sun has been out in Amsterdam and so have I. Here are some snippets of my week and how I have had my share of joy out of each and every day.

Published by Mio on 12/06/2013


A glimpse of all that keeps us on our feet and moving in a city such as Amsterdam.
Week  23 by local Mio: "The little things in life."

Monday 03/06 :
On my way to work, I like to kick off my week fresh and positively. So I paused a few times to enjoy the little things.


And than I step into our really cool and spacious office elevator at creative agency MAKE Amsterdam which has been spray painted by British graffiti artist Sweet Toof.


Tuesday 04/06:
Walking my dogs after a hard day of work and enjoying the nice weather.


This cat didn't seem to like us that much.


Wednesday 05/06:
I took half a day off from work to chaperone my daughter's class to an educational school trip to the kids farm in de Pijp. Kinderboerderij de Pijp is a great location to bring your kids to!

kayakidsfarmkids farm

Thursday 06/06:
My Spanish mother-in-law took us out for some really good Thai food at Naannaam in the Maasstraat.  And than we had to hear her ramble on how great Spain is and how much Amsterdam sucks. Dinner was great.

thaicharo thai

Friday 07/06:
I took some British friends to this cool artsy industrial alternative place at NDSM-warf called  Noorderlicht cafe to enjoy live bands and act like hippies around the bonfire.


Saturday 08/06:
In return my British friends took me out to the Pancake Corner to get some really nasty shots. A super touristy cafe at Leidseplein, with really loud music, and a massive amount of christmas lights.


Sunday 09/06:
On the last day of the week we made a trip to Den Bosch, which in the south part of the Netherlands, to visit the graffiti festival Kings of Colors.


We ended the week with a typical Den Bosch 'delicacy' Bosche bol. A true calorie bomb!


I hope you all may have a fantastic week as well, wherever you are!



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