Meet the People who change the Jazz concert scene

As a concert participant and music lover, I can’t miss out the event landscape in Bucharest and – trust me — the concert scene here is constantly changing. Let’s take all that jazz…

Published by Gabriela on 11/04/2017

Andreea Bâscă is working with Twin Arts on promoting the local jazz scene with some of the most goose-bumps-creating concerts in Bucharest. They have 2 types of events in Bucharest: Jazz Night Out, with great artists such as Avishai Cohen, Hiromi, Vijay Iyer or Dhafer Youssef, and on April 24th we’ll welcome one of the most important jazz vocalists: Gregory Porter. Jazz Nouveau, on the other hand, is a series of concerts organized together with Control Club (one of the expats’ favorites here), where they bring local and international artists close to the public on Monday evenings.

But first, let me tell you more about Andreea. When she was a child, she used to listen to music while doing homework and then up to sleep time. She had her first job at a local radio station and then had a course about artist management. Then, she met Dragoș and Răzvan, the twins from Twin Arts in Iasi, where they started organizing events. Iasi is a beautiful city in the Eastern part of Romania, where people are in love with culture. However, they wanted to bring their events to the next level and came to Bucharest.

"I always dreamt about Bucharest, being convinced that the capital’s rhythm suits me better; I also have more opportunities to develop professionally."
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I have to confess – I’m grateful she has decided so, together with Twin Arts, as I feel they managed to change to local music scene a lot. Nowadays it’s easier to discover artists online, but I think that the connection made within a concert is magical. Or at least this is how I felt last year at Ane Brun’s concert.

In the last 7 years, since they have started bringing an artist to Bucharest, the participants have changed and grown both from a number perspective and from a quality one, as well. 

"People are more exigent, they became connoisseurs and they help us discover other sub-niches within our niche. In time, we managed to gain our public’s trust and we can experiment more with great artists, still unknown in our country. Also, we are very excited that more and more young people have been joining our events in the last couple of years, as this is one of our key objectives."

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I’m thankful that my fellow concert-participants make the organizers feel this way – but what about the artist? What do they think when they reach this little Paris from far Europe?

"This may sound surprising to the locals, but the artists really like Bucharest. They’re impressed by the old buildings and the city’s vibe. They also adore the public, which is welcoming and warm.

One of my favorites memories from an event is related to Hindi Zahra – the first time she came to Bucharest, the airport mixed her luggage and I went with her shopping, to prepare for the concert. After it, she gave me her bracelet, her only piece of jewelry. Last year, when she came back to Bucharest, we went out to a vintage fair and bought earrings and bracelets, and we enjoyed that time a lot."

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I’m a true believer that a city can change based on the consumer behavior of its citizens and I gotta say that these “explorers” have contributed a lot to the public behavior, especially since they are involved on both professional and personal level.

Now, I would love to see Bucharest as a regional music-hub and famous jazz scene. From what Andreea shared with me there’s a long-long way until there. There has to be a long-term strategy in this direction sustained by investments in the cultural area, as can be seen in Budapest, for example.

Even though we’re not there yet, joining a concert while you’re around Bucharest in a city break will only grow your overall experience. I recommend you to try one at Control Club or Sala Radio! Thank you, Andreea, for all the insights and for answering openly to my curiosities!

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Imagery by, thanks to Miluță Flueraș 

Words by correspondent Gabriela

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