These are the true signs of spring in Oslo

Spring in Norway is a combination of every type of weather you can imagine and people doing their best ignoring that it is not just sunny all the time. It has been dark for so long now, we need our spring to be bright.

Published by Bianca on 16/04/2015

People are getting in the spirit of spring

This means eating al fresco even though it is only 10 degrees outside, as long as the sun is out Norwegian’s are to. This off course causes a lot of people to get sick in the spring, but it’s worth it and you can always numb the cold wind with another beer.

More dogs, everywhere, all the time

I don’t know where dogs in Oslo go in the winter, but I could swear there are fewer of them in the chillier months of the year. Oslo is a very dog-friendly city, with dogs welcome in a lot of stores and in restaurants with outdoor seating. Parks have special dog areas and people do generally have very well behaved fury little friends.

This friendly sign says "I am welcome here" instead of the usual "dogs not allowed"

The City Bikes are out

I love the city bikes! You pay around 12 euros and then you can use all the bikes in the city the whole season. Tourists can also use the city bikes by going down and get a card at the central station. Read more about it here.

Street Cleaning a.k.a. Where the fork am I going to park my car now?

Everyone is cleaning, and that goes for the city of Oslo as well. Due to all the ice and snow in the winter there are a lot of gravel thrown out on the streets. So all the cars must move in different areas of the town, at the same time, so they can clean up the city before the national holiday (17th of May). No one knows where to put their car and there is a smaller parking chaos for a couple of days in each neighbourhood. But the streets look so shiny and new now.

The flowers around the Royal Palace

The royal family have a huge staff of people taking care of the park and surrounding area of the palace, but that feels alright because almost the entire park is open for everyone to enjoy. The crocuses on the small hills that are planted in different patterns each year, is a sure sign of spring.

To sum it up, spring in Oslo is lovely. People are happy and try to be outside as much as they can, but you should always be prepared for the weather to change, and some snow. 


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