Escaping the City - Top-5 Getaways

Although Amsterdam is at its best during summer time, it can also be quite enchanting to escape the city for a sunny outdoor journey...

Published by Mio on 22/06/2015

Whether you are lusting some natural beauty, need a city break, or simply love to go for an outdoor adventure, there are plenty of areas that are easy accessible and within 'kosher' distance from Amsterdam. As I’m planning to spend my summer holidays around Amsterdam, I asked my fellow Citinerary correspondents for their favourite city getaway areas.

We curated our top 5 Amsterdam one-day city break and we're letting you tag along with us...

1. Twiske

The green hills and beautiful lakes of Twiske is a resort area for many. There are a great variety of landscapes, from meadow-land to forests, and at least one-third of the area consists out of water. It makes a great place for nature swimming, walking and cycling. And for the nature lovers who are really comfortable in their own skin, there’s even a nudist beach. You can easily cycle from Amsterdam to Twiske, which is bout 30 km away up north. Depending on your preferred route you can choose a longer more beautiful one, or a quick and still beautiful one.

2. Het Groene Hart

Het Groene Hart (The Green Heart) of the Netherlands is located between the four big cities of Holland, Rotterdam, The Hague, Utrecht and of course Amsterdam. It’s beautiful and charming because the area is being characterized by the many typical old-Dutch cities and villages, and also by its many farms. You can find the characteristic Dutch polder landscapes (including many cows) all through the green heart of Holland. Cycling from Amsterdam you can reach 'het groene hart' already in 15 minutes. How much you would like to explore of it is up to you. 

3. Muiderslot Castle

Visiting Muiderslot Castle is great to get a taste of real Dutch history and is especially suitable for the whole family. It’s a national treasure built around 1280 by Duke Floris V and was centuries later even inhabited by great writers and artists such as P.C Hooft. The surrounding historical gardens give you an Ivanhoe feeling. A 45-minute boat ride from Amsterdam IJburg will take you to this beautiful location and you can get an educational tour at the castle if you wish.

4. Zuid-Kennemerland

Zuid-Kennemerland is a beautiful part of North-Holland that is known for its natural-park, sand dunes, wildlife sanctuary, and seaside villages. You hike or cycle between the bisons, horses and deer, among many other animals that are to be found there but you'll also discover remaining bunkers of the German Army's Atlantic wall. It's almost un-Dutch and makes you feel like you're miles away from Amsterdam yet it's only 23 km apart.

5. Broek in Waterland

Broek in Waterland is just a stones throw away from Amsterdam, you can get there within an easy 30-minute bike ride from Central Station. This green oasis of polders is filled with dykes, restored mills and traditional farmhouses. You can enjoy some marked hiking or cycling trails, or a canoeing or boat tour. The Beemster area is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and famous for its cheese. You can do some delicious wine tasting with locally produced Beemster wine. 

If you have any more to add to the list, we'd be happy to know your personal Amsterdam city escape favourite!


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