The Walls Have Eyes and Ears

What would Amsterdam be without its charming ornate decorations and face bricks on the city buildings?

Published by Mio on 16/04/2014

Centuries long, abundantly decorated facades were  one of the most important elements in the Amsterdam architecture. And let's face it, decor is a necessity of life, it's like the romance in a relationship.

Sadly since the twentieth century house front decoration gradually lost its ornament function. But luckily many of the beautiful historical city fineries are perfectly preserved in the original state for us to enjoy. Amsterdam houses know a broad variety of ornament styles. They will tell you what was popular and considered beautiful during its time of construction.

Here's a snippet of the city bijou that I pass every day. The city centre is packed with facades and ornaments that might date back until 400 years ago. An ornament hunt may tell you stories and reveal the history of buildings around the city, pay good attention to plaques and symbols.

We'd love to see what kind of city ornaments you have found in Amsterdam. Share them with us! Are you an expert in the history behind these buildings and ornaments? We'd love to hear from you too!

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These ornaments can be found at Spuiplein, Ceintuurbaan, Ruysdaelkade, Overtoom and Sarphatistraat.




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