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Every week a new city? We are over the moon to have the capital of France, known as the City of Lights, Paris becoming part of the network. Bonjour mes amis!

Published by Bemi on 11/09/2017

Imagine being in a city, strolling along its narrow cobbled streets, its wide tree-lined boulevards. Imagine sculpted limestone buildings capped with ash grey slates, imagine untamed woods at one extremity, and manicured gardens at the other. Imagine intimate squares that speak volumes, carousels that colour the cityscape. Imagine contemplating its river from majestic gold foiled bridges, imagine 10ft doors that lead to secret courtyards.

Imagine that the city is free of cars, free of people, free of noise and activity. You find that you are immersed in splendors of urban ornamentation and ethereal gracefulness. The city stands solidly in its own beauty. This is Paris - the City of Lights.

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Pictures by Uriana Bekhbat.

Paris would not be complete without the diversity of people who migrate, live and visit here, where artists, hipsters and old ladies live in an eclectic mix. In the 16th arrondissement lie the peaceful residences of the bourgeoisie, the 1st to 4th arrondissements are overwhelmed with tourists who give a subtle reminder that borders exist only in the mind.

The medieval lanes of le Marais keeps us reminiscing of the life that once was, the eco district of Pajol demonstrates that a greener sustainable city knows no bounds, the bohemian-chic neighbourhoods of St. Germain and Sevres Babylon are a shopper’s paradise, Batignolles and Lamarck depict the “village life”.

These are but a few neighbourhoods that contrast, with paradoxes between luxury and comfort, tradition and modernity… the iridescent shades that identify Paris as it is today.

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Picture by Scott Barras.

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Pictures by Uriana Bekhbat.

Parisians have been perceived as anti-globalists, but it is no longer solitary and disaffiliated individuals that make up the population. It is by no means an urban utopia, but Parisians are embracing and connecting with a nomadic flow of urban tribes from around the world, coming and going, influencing and retaining, through common interests, beliefs and values.

So out with the French bashing, this is a new era of social, artistic and moral emancipation.

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Pictures by Uriana Bekhbat.

The capital is a city charging with creative energy and entrepreneurism, driven by young peoples’ desire to be free and independent. It helps to have a socialist mayor who is passionate and has ambitious plans to transform Paris into a first class hub for startup accelerators and incubators; the capital is becoming a leader in innovation and would be the place to be both economically and culturally based on her penchant for excellence and creativity.

"The Grand Paris project demonstrates how Paris is developing its infrastructure, to accommodate and maintain the city's social diversity and sustainable goals."

Today's challenge is structuring the city to cope with globalisation and social mobility. The Grand Paris project demonstrates how Paris is developing its infrastructure, to accommodate and maintain the city's social diversity and sustainable goals.

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Pictures by Uriana Bekhbat.

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Picture by Scott Barras.

Paris is historically recognised as the epitome of refinement and elegance within arts, fashion and design, embodying “art de vivre”, it continues to be a source of inspiration that gives us the desire to think, to create, to love and to reinvent ourselves everyday.With this, the Paris team aims to enrich you with information and discovery of people, culture, trends, lifestyle, sustainability, urban regeneration and much more! 


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Pictures by Uriana Bekhbat.

Team Paris is looking forward to welcoming you with great stories and insights of this magical city.

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