Who's Your Favourite Local Street Artist?

We asked our teams of correspondents from Amsterdam, Chicago, Paris, Madrid, Melbourne, and Vancouver to show us their favorite street artist & street art.

Published by Robin on 19/09/2017

The beauty of being a network, is that we find things in which we are alike, not so much different. So, as of now, each month, we will ask our city teams to contribute to a particular topic that drives all of us.

For the month of September, we have asked them: what is your favorite local street artist & artwork. Enjoy these beautiful series, collected by our curators around the world.

Acmbp Amsterdam Street Art Mio Van Der Mei

This is a homage to MATH, one of the original Dutch Masters of graffiti, who passed away a few month ago. His crew mates (NES crew) recreated some of his artworks into one big memorial piece. #ripmath

Artist: MATH
Curator: City captain Mio
City: Amsterdam

Acmbp Madrid Street Art Marta Aguilar

We could only choose one, and those will be Boa Mistura. They carry the essence of the city anywhere they go, and also left their footprint here. 'Ama lo que haces', at calle Huertas, means 'Love what you do' and it's a message in which Madrid's team has always identified itself with. Now we share it with you so you can also make it yours.

Artist: Boa Mistura
Curator: City captain Marta
City: Madrid

Acmbp Melbourne Street Art Sarah Caust

Our favorite Melbourne street artist is Mike Makatron - his colourful pieces bring life and nature back into the concrete jungle and speak to the inner animal in all of us.

Artist: Mike Makatron
Curators: City captains Netta & Sarah
City: Melbourne

Acmbp Paris Street Art Kelsey Meyer

This piece was done by Marko93, aka DarkVapor. A French artist who grew up in Saint Denis (hence the 93), he is now a world-renowned graffiti artist and a precursor in the art of light painting. Incredibly present in the 19th arrondissement (working alongside other amazing local artists like Da Cruz and Artof Popoff), he has performed and left traces of his unique style around the globe, with a career now spanning more than 20 years.

Artist: Marko93 aka DarkVapor
Curators: Correspondents Stefanie and Kelsy (photo by Gabriel Grigoras)
City: Paris

Acmbp Vancouver Street Art Oli Sari Goerlach

This beautiful monochromatic piece by Canadian Artist, Tyler Keeton Robbins is one of my highlights at the 2017 Vancouver Mural Festival. The bold shapes and strokes stood out in the alley amongst the other colourful murals even though it’s simply black on white. I love that the strokes are so organic and seemingly complex, I just can’t stop looking at each detail of the piece and as whole. His work is unique and he's an artist to watch, so check him out on Instagram.

Artist: Tyler Keeton Robbins
Curator: Correspondent Olivia
City: Vancouver

Acmbp Chicago Street Art 1

“Fly Boy” – inspired by the Tuskagee Airmen, the black pilots who fought in WW II - is one of the most recongnizable of Hebru Brantley’s work. With his yellow goggles and green helmet, this was the first time I saw a representation of minorities in a pop culture character. I love the approachability of Hebru’s work and his ability to simultaneously make art that is whimsical, thought provoking and complex.

Hebru has a solo show of new work, titled “Forced Field” currently on exhibition at Elmhurst Art Museum.

Artist: Hebru Brantley 
Curators: City captain Touly & Nike Run Bucktown
City: Chicago

Acmbp Chicago Street Art 2

Street photography meets street art. Murals are taking over Chicago’s walls, and Kobra’s color-filled tribute to Vivian Maier stands out from the crowd. Known for her black and white photography, the moment I saw Vivian Maier’s photographs I envied her ability to connect with her subjects, capturing their humanity and emotions.

Artist: Eduardo Kobra - “Vivian Maier”
Curators: City Enthusiasts Ivy Tać, Lindsey Meyers and Simone Garcia
City: Chicago (1651 W North Ave.)

Many thanks to all our teams and contributions, stunning series.
Stay tuned for our October assignment.

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