World's first one-person restaurant

The agencies behind ‘Eenmaal’, world’s first one-person restaurant, strive to break the taboo of solitary dining.

Published by Mio on 01/07/2013

Eenmaal (Dutch for ‘one time’ or ‘one meal’ in this context) was a three-day pop-up experiment by Dutch design agency Marina vanGoor and branding agency Vandejong.


Eenmaal according to Marina van Goor

"Eenmaal is just like any other excellent restaurant but totally unique in one thing: it only has tables to seat one person. Where you might usually go out to eat with company, at Eenmaal you are your own company. It is the perfect place to dine in pleasant solitude; an exciting experiment for those who never go out for dinner alone and an attractive place to eat for those who already enjoy doing so," says creator Marina van Goor.



"Where you might usually go out to eat with company, at Eenmaal you are your own company."

Watching these customers having dinner at 'Eenmaal' slightly had something artistic to it. There was a serene atmosphere. No loud talks but people enjoying ‘me-time’, dragged away in their own thoughts, being catered beautifully designed food at their one-person table, while listening to vintage L.P’s such as 'Fleetwooc Mac' from a proper recordplayer.



Eenmaal will be repeated

'Eenmaal' was a successful 'experiment' and will be repeated in the near future, maybe in a different setting such as at the outdoor food festival Rollende Keukens. So whenever you are in Amsterdam make sure to check out the 'Eenmaal' Facebook site.



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