World's Shortest Cooking Show

Wanna learn how to cook a complete seafood dish in only 15 seconds? Amsterdam based chef and author Bart van Olphen, runs his own cooking show on Instagram.

Published by Mio on 20/02/2014

Fish Tales is a snappy show presented in beautiful locations at various markets, location kitchens and outdoors by the sea. Bart makes cooking delicious seafood recipes look effortless in these 15 seconds.


Bart not only teaches us how to prepare great seafood dishes in just a quarter of a minute but he is also passionate about sustainable fishing. Informing the viewers about the catching process, the bait used and how to develop proper skills.

Want to learn some more tricks of the trade? Bart also hosts workshops in Amsterdam. You’ll get to learn about the background of sustainable fish, how to clean them, basic preparation tips and how to make delicious sauce and sides. You’ll finish the workshop with a home-made meal and a nice glass of wine.

Not enough time to go to a workshop? No worries, van Olphen has written plenty of  seafood books for you to practice with. His books Fishes  has even won the Best Sustainable Food Book World Award.

Enjoy the World's Shortest Cooking Show!


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