Colourful upgrade in the neighbourhood - The Xenofon Stairs

A grey street that never drew attention before has became a touristic magnet overnight, after 3 weeks of creative work. Let's explore the Xenofon Stairs in Bucharest!

Published by Diana on 25/11/2015

Remember that Cinderella lost her shoe while running on the stairs? Or the circular stair from the Disney castles? There is definitely something magical about them and maybe that’s why where there are stairs, there is a story.

In Bucharest, we have one single stair street and it recently became very popular, thanks to urban arts. The Xenofon Street is named after a Greek soldier and it was first painted by the artist Eva Radu in 2014, during 7 days.

The project was meant to emphasize Bucharest’s architectural beauty and the stairs were covered by the city’s iconic buildings: The Romanian Athenaeum, The Ark of Triumph, The Carol Park Mausoleum, The House of Parliament, The National Museum of Art, The Romanian Peasant Museum, The National Theatre and The National Opera.

It soon became very popular and unofficially included in every tourist’s map. It was also mentioned in many urban Arts tops and compared to another Romanian painted stair, in Targu Mures.

Thousands of shots further…

In 2015, Initiative, the agency that managed the painting project, decided to repaint the Xenofon Street, because the buildings were seriously covered by dust and had lost their sparkle. Ana Radu was called to duty, again.

“The theme was chosen by the agency which came with the idea of painting the stairs, the local Town Hall and me. I proposed some alternatives and we decided on the waterfall.” Eva said.

This time, the 70 stairs were painted in 3 weeks, while tourists could enjoy watching the procedure live, in front of the Xenofon Street, or on Facebook, on Initiative’s page. Eva said that most of the reactions were positive and many people were enthusiastic about the results. The only exception was a slightly reticence regarding the durability of the project.

The waterfall was chosen as a symbol of an urban oasis.

People’s delight was expressed on all media channels and Instagram holds a beautiful collection of Xenofon Street photos.

Eva Radu is getting ready for her own debut gallery, composed by 30 paintings, and engravings made on large canvases. 

- Diana -

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